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Domestic Fire Alarms

Eagle Security Alarms only install the latest fire detection technology. Our advanced fire panels accept all types of fire detection sensors and sounders. With the option to be connected to our Domestic Fire Alarm receiving centre, we can ensure you are notified at the earliest opportunity of a fire in your property. Eagle Security Alarms will protect and monitor your home and family 24/7 with our unrivalled fire solutions.

One in three home smoke detectors fails to alert the occupants in the event of a fire due to battery issues. Don’t let a fire destroy all you have worked hard for. Eagle Security Alarms fire alarms can install and maintain your home Domestic Fire Alarms system giving you the peace of mind that if you are unfortunate enough to experience a fire, your system will alert a specified key holder or local fire authority staff to your issue with the relevant course of action being taken. All of our systems have the benefit of incorporating the rate of rise, optical, heat, manual and beam sensors to give you total fire protection.

We also offer a wireless fire solution for your property which saves time and offers minimal mess and disruption to the household. Eagle Security Alarms employs ex fire service professionals to attend your property and offer a full site survey, so your fire system meets all of the current standards and requirements.

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