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ID: INFINITE Wire Free Alarm/Home Automation System


Possibly the most user friendly wireless alarm system around 
If you are looking for a top quality security alarm system that can be installed in a day and is simple to operate the Infinite Prime could be your answer
Wire free has now come of age, we can offer a professional, comprehensive and reliable intruder alarm solution, that can be fitted with ease and minimum disruption to clients property, which can be easily expanded up - to 32 detectors and even include home automation (ie. operating 240v electrical equipment automatically or by text message from your mobile phone).

Secure transmission methods, up to 5 year battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of Infinite to be trouble free and importantly, customer friendly!.

 Infinite Wireless Burglar Alarm 
offers reliability and ease of use

The Infinite Wireless Burglar Alarm is a complete security, fire & home management system. Secure transmission methods, long battery life and superbly designed detection accessories enable the installation of Infinite to be trouble free and more importantly, virtually wire free. Whilst Infinites primary role is that of a high security wireless burglar alarm, its full capabilities can offer the end user many functions that at last combine protecting the property with helpful features that will be used every day. Wireless smoke detectors and X10 modules to control electrical appliances can be easily fitted to the system. Where other wireless burglar alarms claim to be wirefree, they normally still have cables to run between the control panel and the external sounder, and also any extra remote keypads. The hardest cable to run is normally the one between the control panel and the external sounder, because it involves running a cable between different levels of a property. The Infinite wireless burglar alarm has none of these problems. The only cables to install in the whole system are providing power so that the control panel and the external sounder can be plugged in to a local power socket. This is a very sophisticated wireless burglar alarm system that is not cheap but we can offer deals that can save hundreds of pounds

Some of features of Infinite Prime which you may find useful:-
1      Simple to operate - although technically very advanced you don't need to to be a 'technophobe' to operate
       this system - even if you are nervous about electronic gadgets yet still satisfying the needs of the more
2     3 pre -programmed single button setting modes - your installation engineer will set set your system so
       that you only need to press 1 button to turn the alarm on - whether you are leaving your home or going to
       bed at night, or other option to suit your requirements
3     Less disruption during installation - no need to disturb carpets or lift floor boards to install wireless
       detectors - ideal if you have laminate or wood floors
4     Will not affect other wireless equipment - does not interfere with your computer router or printers etc -
      it operates on a unique security frequency range that is the accepted standard throughout Europe (some 
      DIY and cheaper equipment does not comply to the same strict standards)
5    Insurance rated EN50131 Grade 2 Alarm - most importantly meets your insurance companies
      requirements which can help in reducing premiums
*           Infinite Wireless 30 zone Control Panel
*          Intregal Speech dialler
*          2 Passive Infrared Detectors (Please select standard 15mtr or 11 mtr PET Friendly)
*          1 magnetic contact
*          1 keyfob
*           WSM module to supply power to the external sounder and provide wireless link to
            control panel
*           Wired External Sounder Assy with 109db Siren, Strobe Beacon, Warning LED's
*           Fully Installed to Current EN Standards with Certificates of Compliance
            and Electrical Safety to satisfy your insurance company
IMPORTANT - This is not cheap equipment specially purchased to support a low priced offer.
All equipment is top quality EN50131 Grade 2 equipment that meets insurance company standards and has previously been installed at full retail price of £775.00

This package was originally a supplier offer as a SPECIAL BONUS but they have extended their discount offer without a cut off date - so we will continue to pass the full saving on to our clients until the offer is withdrawn PLUS we will add an extra PIR free and install for an unbeatable £495.00 inc vat
Extra detectors can be added at normal list price


Tel: 01925 227569
e-mail: eaglesecurityalarms@hotmail.com


Visonic Powermax Wireless Alarm System

  868mHz Wireless Alarm System meeting current EN50131 Grade 2 Standards

  Offer consists of:

  • PowerMaxPro Simple to operate 30 zone Wireless Control Panel with loud internal siren
  • Telephone Voice Dialler reporting to up to 4 telephones (PSTN or Mobile)
  • 2 x 12mtr 90 degree Wireless Pet-tolerant Passive Infrared Detectors (up to 80lb)
  • 1 x Wireless Magnetic door Contact
  • 2 x Wireless keyfobs (full/part guard + panic)
  • Fully supervised Wireless External Sounder Assy
  • Installed to current Britsh/European Standards and fully Guaranteed
  • Part P wiring regulations certificate of compliance

Full price of this system in excess of £650.00 but Offered at £495.00 inc vat 

 Extra detectors can be added at normal list price







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